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When you are ready to become a new notary in Illinois or are looking to renew your current notary commission, the team at is here to make the process as simple as 1, 2, and 3.

Since 1940, our team of professionals has been dedicated to making the process of becoming or renewing as an notary public as fast, affordable, and effortless as possible. This has led us to become the primary notarial provider in the area for those looking to securely order notary public stamps, notary bonds, official notary recording journals, and any other supplies they made require.

Important State of Illinois Notary Links & Mandatory News

  • Office of the llinois Secretary of State
  • Illinois Notary public handbook (PDF)
  • Avoid costly delays and scan your application for error-proofing review to
  • Effective 07/01/2023: All notaries public will be required to have a official notary recording journal. Our journals meet all state requirements.
  • Effective 01/01/2024: All new or renewal notaries seeking a commission as either a notary public or an electronic notary public must first successfully complete a course of study and acquire a passing score on the examination.

Click Here for step by step directions to obtain a new or renewal notary in Illinois

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