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  • Get started - Public Official Bonds: When you are entering a public office; public official bonds are a way to protect citizens should you be unable to fulfill your duties. A bond guards against direct financial losses that would otherwise be shouldered by taxpayers.
  • Get started - ERISA Bonds: Retirement and health insurance plans are a primary way to retain quality workers. ERISA bonds are a tool you may use to protect the assets of your employee benefits packages.
  • Get started - Dishonesty Bonds: It is never a comfortable prospect for an employee or contractor to betray your organization’s trust. Dishonesty bonds can protect your enterprise from losses incurred by fraud or similar acts.

In today’s world, uncertainty is the only constant. Whether you are serving the public or your business, it is crucial to have measures in place that will protect your organization’s position, value, and reputation. Count on NotaryBonding for the insurance products you require.

We help clients obtain other types of bonds – products that insure people and organizations from financial losses due to accidents, fraud, lawsuits, and other situations. They can provide additional coverage if an entity’s insurance cannot or will not cover the damage. Finding the right protection for your situation can be challenging. By working with our team, it is easier to get other types of bonds that are appropriate for your situation.