ERISA Bonds: Protect What Your Employees Have Earned

Building a robust benefits package for your employees is one of the most effective ways of attracting and retaining talent. At, we are committed to cultivating a culture of trust. We offer ERISA bonds that protect the benefits your organization has worked hard to secure.

The federal government enacted The Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) to protect voluntary, private-sector retirement plans. ERISA legislation and amendments extend protections to health insurance plans and other employer-sponsored benefits.

ERISA bonds guard against fraud related to an employer’s retirement plan or benefits package. To learn more about these bonds or see how they are different from other notary bonds, reach out to our office.

Creating Transparency in Your Workplace

When it comes to retirement planning, sponsors are supposed to work in the interests of the people contributing to the plan – that is, the workers. ERISA is designed to promote transparency around an employer’s benefits packages. Under ERISA, employers must disclose details about the benefits plan to participants. In addition, they must ensure that they have ERISA bonds to protect the program from fraud.

Service You Can Trust

As an employer, you understand that your employees trust you to generate the best value for retirement. Strengthen your organization with our ERISA bonds. We provide a variety of products that can protect your employee’s investments. We take pride in providing high-quality service with fast turnaround times. We process requests quickly and offer low-cost bonds. As a result, we provide affordable solutions that strengthen your ERISA protections. Trust to provide you with the assistance you require.

Once your application is complete please email it to:

Bond Amount:1 Year Rate:3 Year Rate Prepaid:
$ 5,000$ 100$ 125
$ 10,000$ 100$ 125
$ 15,000$ 100$ 125
$ 20,000$ 100$ 125
$ 25,000$ 100$ 131
$ 30,000$ 100$ 140
$ 50,000$ 100$ 179
$ 75,000$ 100$ 223
$ 100,000$ 100$ 250
$ 125,000$ 100$ 264
$ 150,000$ 100$ 277
$ 200,000$ 101$ 302
$ 225,000$ 105$ 314
$ 250,000$ 109$ 326
$ 300,000$ 117$ 351
$ 375,000$ 129$ 387
$ 400,000$ 133$ 400
$ 500,000$ 150$ 449

Note: The rate for ERISA inflation guard coverage is 10% of the annual bond premium.*States of Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and Tennessee have a different rate schedule than listed above.

We’re dedicated to our clients and are committed to their complete satisfaction. Contact our notary to learn more about our bond products and services.