Notary Not A Lawyer Stamp

Protect Yourself! Inform your clients that your are not an attorney and cannot give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice. Stamp this wording on receipts, agreements, contracts, wills, powers of attorney, or other documents you are notarizing to evidence that you did not help in preparing, drafting, or offering advice about those documents. Stamp measures 1'' H x 2-1/2'' L.

  • #250 - MarkMaker Rubber ($16.95): Unlimited impressions with use of stamp pad (not included).

  • #250-A - MarkMaker Self-Inking ($19.95): Up to 5,000 impressions. Interchangeable built-in ink pad that is easy to re-ink or replace. Sleek black design is produced with 75% of parts made from recycled plastic.

  • #250-B - Slim Pocket Pre-Inked ($22.95): Up to 15,000 impressions. Smooth single step motion with built-in stamp pad.

  • #250-C - MarkMaker Pre-Inked ($24.95): Up to 25,000 impressions. Adjustable ink density with built-in stamp pad and provide a lifetime guarantee.

  • #250-D - Xstamper Pre-Inked ($30.95): Up to 50,000 laser quality impressions. Extremely durable with built-in stamp pad, ECO-green friendly and provide a lifetime guarantee.