What is a mobile notary?

Simplified Notarization with Our Mobile Notary It isn’t uncommon to need things notarized when you are making big changes around your home, business, or life. That sometimes means you don’t always have a lot of free time to travel to and from a notary’s office to get things signed as quickly as needed. With a mobile notary, however, you can get the signatures you need without having to leave your office. Notary Bonding is here to help people get the notary signatures they need by helping people find and become mobile notaries in their state. With our help, notary services will become even easier to provide and receive so that both the notary publics and their clients can walk away happier. What is a Mobile Notary? Just as the name states, a mobile notary is a notary who travels to the client. There is no legal distinction between a “normal” notary and a mobile notary as the government has no rules regarding mobile notaries and no additional paperwork necessary to become one. As long as you are a notary public in your state, you can be a mobile notary. Typically, mobile notaries charge a travel fee on top of notary fees. This helps to offset gas and other costs while delivering convenient services to clients. Contact us to learn more about adding mobile services to your notary business.