Oklahoma Notary Packages and Supplies

 Oklahoma Notary "Discount" Association Co.

Oklahoma Notary "Discount" Association Co. is state approved and also approved by the Oklahoma Secretary of State Notary Department to submit your notary application electronically for a faster approval!

We are your primary provider source for all your notarial and supply needs. Fax, mail, email, call or place your order online today.

In addition to our discounted notary supplies for Oklahoma notarial services, we have six different low priced new or renewal notary bond packages from $67.00 to $134.00.

We also offer six different low priced recently appointed (paid your state filing fee) notary bond packages from $29.00 to $114.00 available for your notary needs.

Click Here for step by step directions to obtain a new or renewal notary in Oklahoma

Click Here for step by step directions for recently appointed notaries in Oklahoma

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