Nevada Notary Packages and Supplies

 Nevada Notary "Discount" Association Co.

Since 1940, Nevada Notary "Discount" Association Co. is state approved and experienced in assisting the State of Nevada with new or renewal notary services that provides everything needed for your notarial practice in Nevada.

We are your primary provider source for all your notarial and supply needs. Fax, mail, email, call or place your order online today.

In addition to our full line of discounted notary supplies for Nevada notary services, we have four different low priced notary bond packages available for your notary needs.

Package prices range from $50.00 to $98.00 to become or renew as a notary in Nevada. Packages include the required $10,000 notary public 4 year bond and an array of 4 year notary errors & omissions insurance coverage limits with a official rectangular seal stamp (excludes basic package) and more.

Click Here for step by step directions to obtain a new or renewal notary in Nevada

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