Missouri Notary Packages and Supplies

 Missouri Notary Service and Bonding Co.

Serving Notaries since 1940, we make becoming or renewing as a Missouri Notary public quick and easy. 

We are your primary Missouri Notarial provider to securely purchase your required 4 year term $10,000 Notary public bond, official Notary seal stamps, official Notary seal embossers, official Notary recording journals and other important Notary supplies. 

For your convenience we PAY the state application fee of $25.00 for all new or renewal Notaries. We're a state approved educational provider and the Notary training course is offered for new or renewal Notaries at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you.

Important State of Missouri Notary links:

Click Here for step by step directions to obtain a new or renewal notary in Missouri

Click Here for step by step directions for recently appointed notaries in Missouri

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