South Carolina Desk Official Notary Seal Embosser

Exceptional impression quality that leave a clear, raised and sharp impression every time. All desk notary seal embosser's measurements fully comply with state statutes.

The notary must write, type or stamp the expiration date of his or her commission on each document notarized if this official seal embosser is used.

  • #201 - Desk Black Matte ($29.00): Provides an engraved brass plate with your commissioned name and state seal. Designed to last a lifetime and allows embossing on a document where a standard embosser cannot reach.

  • #199 - Desk Pebble Grey ($34.00): This elegant, precision-made cast desk embosser makes a perfect addition to any desk or office. The embosser is solid construction metal cast to create a smooth, beautiful surface. It has a felt, no-scratch base that will prevent damages to any surface on which it is placed.

  • #197-S - Desk Black Steel ($36.00): Allows the user to apply less pressure with their hand while increasing the amount of pressure the seal actually applies to the page. The solid steel construction ensures a lifetime of rigidity, durability and overall product quality. Additional features include a unique and beautiful black finish along with skid-proof feet designed to protect any surface on which it is placed.