Oath / Affirmation Stamp

Oath / Affirmation: A solemn statement of truth made under penalty of perjury, equivalent by law to an oath, but without religious significance or reference to a Supreme Being. Any form of attestation or pledge by which an individual signifies that he/she is bound in conscience and out of a sense of responsibility to a Supreme Being to the truthfulness of any statement. Willingly swearing to untrue statements constitutes perjury.

These stamps are made of high-quality materials that adds convenience to documents that do not contain notarial wordings or certificates. Stamp measures 2-7/8'' H x 1-7/16'' L and fully complies with state statutes.

  • #216 - Rubber ($15.95): Rubber stamps provide good high-quality impressions and require a separate inked stamp pad. They offer a durable handle and mount that is made from wood. Requires stamp pad (not included).

  • #217 - Self-Inking ($18.95): Self-Inking stamps provide approximately 2,000 to 5,000 better high-quality impressions before the need of re-inking. They offer a spring loaded flip-around stamp body that automatically re-inks the built-in ink pad between each impression.

  • #218 - Pre-Inked ($23.95): Pre-Inked stamps provide approximately 25,000 best high-quality impressions before the need of re-inking. They offer a die pad that is saturated with an oil-based ink that seeps through at a controlled rate. The ink doesn't dry out or evaporate and the mount adjusts for a darker or lighter imprint.

  • #218-A - Xstamper ($29.95): Xstamper pre-inked stamps provide approximately 50,000 premium high-quality impressions before the need of re-inking. They are eco-green friendly and provide a lifetime guarantee. They offer a specially formulated ink for maximum longevity and feature a soft touch handle.